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Our experience in the Customs and Dispatch area reinforces Santos Pride's tradition of quality services, which today is consolidated in serving customers from the most diverse segments. We provide customers with the latest in Customs Assistance, committing ourselves to providing outstanding customer service while offering clients tools that make them agile and competitive.


Export - Main Services

Customs Clearance along with São Paulo Customs, through the Export Dispatch Declaration (DDE) or Simplified Export Declaration (DSE).

Issue of Bill of Lading.

● Control of endorsements with Siscomex.

● Special projects, such as: Temporary Exports, Exports for Processing.

● Customs clearance.

● Obtaining consent from Government agencies.

● Certificates of Origin - Mercosul, Aladi, SGP, FIESP.

● Shipping Notice.

● Monitoring of Physical and Documentary Conference.

● Preparation of Commercial, Consular and Customs Invoices.

● Hiring freight for national and international transport.

● Technical advice.

Import - Main Services

● Customs Clearance with the São Paulo Customs, through the registration of Import Declaration (DI) or Simplified Import Declaration (DSI).

● Monitoring of Physical and Documentary Conference.

● Technical Assistance (Customs Law, Tax Rates, Administrative Treatment, among others).

● Suggestion of Tax and Tariff Classification of goods.

● Issuance of certificates from professional associations, import requests from Government agencies, other documents required by law.

● Preparation and Registration of the Customs Transit Declaration (DTA) for the transfer of goods destined for Secondary Areas (EADI).

● Inventory control in EADIs.

● "EX" - Tarifário

● Special Regimes: Temporary Admission and Export, Warehouse, REPORT, Drawback, etc.

● Import License - L.I. and their consent: IDECEX, MAPA, ANVISA, etc.

● Customs and Administrative document procedures.

● Advisory and qualification RADAR.

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